Hungarocontrol Headquarters
Tamás Nagy - Budapest (H) - 2004
Hungarocontrol Headquarters, Foto: József Hajdú
Hungarocontrol Headquarters, Foto: József Hajdú
The Hungarocontrol Headquarters is the new center for the Hungarian Air Navigation Services. The new building is located on the edge of Budapest Airport and connected to an existing building which is also part of the aircontroling services.

Our major design effort was to create working places facing toward quiet and green courtyards, developing a city in the city with its own identity. This very special identity is emphasized by the glass shading system which covers the glazed circulation areas including the three-story high glass bridge connecting the two buildings.

For the pattern of the prints on the glass surfaces we scanned bird’s feathers enlarged hundred times of the original size. The result is a colorful facade carrying a secret message of the special function of the building. On the other hand it gives a unique atmosphere to the corridors employees use not only to reach their offices but meet and chat with each others. (architects' text)

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