Residential building
Birovia doo - Belgrad (SRB) - 2012
Residential building, Foto: Vladimir Popović
Residential building, Foto: Vladimir Popović

A contemporary reflection on the theme of an urban villa

11. Juli 2013 - 360BEOGRAD
The residential building in Krunska Street, Belgrade, accomplished by Goran Vojvodić, is a free-standing, medium-scale apartment building located at a prominent position on the corner of the block in an elegant neighbourhood of villas from the interwar period. Although different in function and appearance, it relates to its context in scale and volume, as well as in its position and relation to the street.

This contemporary reflection on the theme of an urban villa is a simple but expressive, stark cubical volume with a top extension, rotated slightly upwards and exposed to the front. Thus the building has two main volumes with a glass interlude in between, reinterpreting the respective volumes of the traditional house with a pitched roof. The ground level and the interlude are both glazed, while the rest is treated as a monolithic white volume cut by the window openings aligned with the facade. The building connects to the street through a little patio treated in a minimalist manner with white pebbles and a single shrub, again reinterpreting the neighbouring gardens. (Text: Miodrag Ninić)

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