archithese 1.2009
Swiss Performance 09
archithese 1.2009
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This is already the ninth time that archithese begins a new year with an issue titled Swiss Performance. What began in 2001 as a trial balloon, namely to review the most important buildings of the previous year, has become a success in the interim. Swiss Performance is regarded as the undeclared yearbook of current Swiss architecture. It need not be emphasized once again that selections are unavoidably subjective. The editors’ own view, that this selection can only be a representative collection of what has been built in Switzerland or built abroad by Swiss architects, tells of the paradigmatic, architectural awareness of quality in a small country within the European context. Several buildings, which could also have been included in this issue, have already been reviewed in previous issues in 2008.

As in past years, this archithese issue has suspended the typical distinction between a thematic section and a section on current architecture – in favor of the distinction between „Swiss Performance“ and „Swiss Unlimited“. In the latter section, smaller or experimental projects can once again be found. The succeeding issues in 2009 adhere to the traditional pattern: Number 2 has „Sacred Buildings“ as its theme, Number 3 „Suburbia“, and Number 4 „Luxembourg“. Number 5 is dedicated to the theme of „Reconstruction and Adaptation“, while Number 6 will expectedly round off the year with the theme of „Material and Sustainability“.
The editors

02 Editorial
10 HHF Architekten & Ai Weiwei: Tsai Residence und Artfarm, New York
16 Herzog & de Meuron: Tenerife Espacio de las Artes / Plaza de España, Santa Cruz de Tenerife
24 Diethelm & Spillmann: Franz Marc Museum, Kochel am See
30 Made in Sàrl: Einfamilienhaus, Chardonne
34 Wespi de Meuron: Ferienhaus in Caviano
38 Christoph Roesch, Rolf Furrer: «Piz Tschütta» in Vnà
44 Liechti Graf Zumsteg: Oberstufenschulhaus Gipf-Oberfrick
48 Peter Kunz: Oberes Alpgut, Winterthur
52 e2a: Triangel Haus, Winterthur
56 :mlzd: Mensa Löwenscheune, Kantonsschule Wettingen
62 Holzer Kobler Architekturen: Cattaneo-Areal, Dietikon
68 agps architecture: Zurich International School, Adliswil
72 Schregenberger Architekten: Berganlage Hürlimann-Areal, Zürich
76 Camenzind Evolution: Google EMEA Engineering Hub, Zürich

swiss unlimited
80 Phalt Metallwerkstatt Dynamo, Zürich
82 Ama Ackerknecht Minder Architekten «Haus zum Eber», Zürich
84 Alice Atelier de la conception de 'espace
86 Michael Hemmi, Michele Vassella Umbau Haus von Moos, Malans

88 Baugeschichte: Hauptbahnhof Stuttgart
92 Buchrezension DeSingel internationale arts campus Antwerp: Conflicts Politics Construction Privacy Obsession – Materials on the Work of Christian Kerez
94 Wettbewerb: Humboldt-Forum, Berlin
96 fsai
100 Neues aus der Industrie
103 Lieferbare Hefte
104 Vorschau und Impressum

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