Baltic Modernism
Architecture and Housing in Soviet Lithuania
Baltic Modernism
Verleger: DOM publishers
ISBN: 978-3-86922-470-1
Sprache: English
Publikationsdatum: 2017
Umfang: 250 pages, 300 pictures
Format: Softcover, 210 x 230 mm

This richly illustrated monograph discusses the post-war modernist architecture in the Soviet Lithuania, which, together with other Baltic republics, has been seen as exceptional, appropriating Western cultural models much faster and with greater passion, and was labelled “the Soviet West.” Nevertheless, the matter of identifying the specific architectural traits that distinguished modernism in the Baltic region from that of other Soviet republics is not a simple exercise, and the specifics of analysing Soviet modernism clearly require a socio-political approach. In this book, research of Soviet Lithuanian architecture relies on the relationship between the official planning discourse and local social practice, and the wide range of historical actors in planning practices.

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