Weingut Loimer
Andreas Burghardt - Langenlois (A) - 2000
Weingut Loimer, Foto: Andreas Burghardt
Weingut Loimer, Foto: Andreas Burghardt
Weingut Loimer, Foto: Andreas Burghardt
Weingut Loimer, Foto: Andreas Burghardt
14. Februar 2002 - Az W
The new winery in Kellergasse („street of cellars“) in Langenlois is a minimalist, exposed concrete „black box.“ Constructed to replace the dilapidated original wine-press building, it sits atop a maze of cellar passages dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries, and forms a magically simple counterpart to the impressive geometry of this underworld of vaulted brick. To enhance the traditional character of the cellar and its long, arched passages the brick structure of the walls was carefully exposed and restored. The new building complements the subterranean purism with contemporary elements.

In the depths of the wine cellar, with its rows of wooden barrels and stainless steel tanks, the vintner’s successful fruity Veltliners and Rieslings are stored in ideal temperature conditions. Above, the new structure provides an optimal setting for wine tastings. At the center of the tasting room, the white glass top of an 8 m long table picks up the nuances of color of the white wines arranged for tasting. This simple yet dramatic stage for the wine opens up towards the street by way of a single window which frames Heligenstein mountain.

If the façade of the L-shaped building may at first appear closed-off, the boundaries of its interior are porous. The entire wall facing the protected interior courtyard/garden is made of glass and slides open to let ample daylight into the room. Besides the tasting room, the „wine loft“ also houses an office and several service rooms.

The architect’s metaphor is convincing: he compared the new structure to a bottle of wine, hermetically sealed off at first glance, whose special richness only gradually expands after opening. (Text: Gabriele Kaiser)

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