High Court of Justice
Koller és Társa Tervező Kft, Pécsépterv Stúdió Kft - Pécs (H) - 2005
High Court of Justice, Foto: Andrea Häider
High Court of Justice, Foto: Andrea Häider

The High Court of Justice and the Courts of the City of Pécs

26. April 2010 - Architekturarchiv Ungarn
After its reconstruction, the main entrance of the courts building of Pécs has been moved to the northern leading bridge. From there we get to the new, large courtrooms. On the ground floor there is a registrar, a garage and the mechanical engineering rooms. With the establishment of ramps free movement has been ensured. The building mass consists of four separate cubes. The formation is characterized by its closed and reserved nature that is softened by the irregular arrangement of the windows and the skylights. While the window openings appear in the northern and western sides of the building, the skylights break up the roof levels of the fifth facade and provide the courtrooms with natural light. The facade tiles are sawn Kanfanar stone cover. On the low-arching roof surfaces we have used the extant stone tiles placing them dry and discontinuously. The link between the two buildings is constituted by the glazed bridge. On the eastern final wall closed stone blocks have been lined up, their surfaces covered with mine-edge stone. The Kanfanar stone cover has been used in the interior of the building as well, in this way emphasizing the courtroom entrances. Beside stone and glass, we have used oak and white plasterboard surfaces as well. The entire ceiling of the hall and the board-room is illuminated with neutral plastic lighting. (architexts' text)

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